What is React Native Reanimated

React Native Reanimated is a library that allows developers to create high-performance animations and interactions for React Native apps. It provides a set of low-level, native primitives for building complex, gesture-driven user interfaces, allowing for smooth and seamless transitions between screens and views. Reanimated uses a declarative, functional programming style to define animations and interactions, making it easier for developers to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces.

Reanimated also includes a set of pre-built animation components that can be customized and combined to create complex animations with minimal coding. React Native Reanimated is widely used in the React Native community, particularly for apps that require complex animations or interactions.

  • Animations that interpolate a value over a specified duration of time.
  • Animations that simulate the behavior of a physical spring, with customizable stiffness and damping parameters.
  • Animations that run a series of smaller animations in sequence.
  • Animations that run a set of animations simultaneously.
  • Animations that repeat a specified number of times or indefinitely.

React Native Animatable

React Native Animatable is a library that provides an easy way to create and animate components in React Native applications. It provides a set of pre-defined animations that can be easily applied to any React Native component using simple configuration props.

The Animatable library includes various animation types such as fade, zoom, slide, flip, rotate, pulse, and others. These animations can be applied to any React Native component, such as text, image, button, or any custom component.

Using Animatable, you can create complex animations by combining multiple animation types and applying them to different components. It also provides support for chaining animations, allowing you to create more advanced and complex animations. To use Animatable in your React Native project, you need to install the library using npm or yarn. Once installed, you can import the library in your code and use the provided components and functions to apply animations to your components.

Overall, Animatable is a powerful library that simplifies the process of creating and animating components in React Native applications. It is widely used by React Native developers to enhance the user experience and create visually appealing applications.